Monday, July 07, 2008

And All Those Other Things

My sailing/surfing buddy Chris sent those to me today. Those are Toyota camper trucks and I have to say, Im hooked! Those things look awsome! I remember seeing the big Toyota motorhomes all the time but these are much much cooler. I could totally live in one of those things for YEARS just surfing my brains out somewhere in Central America..... or that nice little left point Joe and I discovered in Mexico last year. Ahhhhhh the posibilities.... but gas is going to suck. They do ok, 18-24 but still..... if I drive for 3 years and make it south to Argentina or something thats around 80K miles judging from others similair trips ( ). Thats a lot of money in gas!!!!!!

Well, once again, it has been a while since my last post. I just can't seem to stay caught up with this thing anymore. Well, basically its because I still feel awfully repetative on here. I dont want to bore what readers I have left with my BS. Lol, moving on.....

The races were pretty decent despite the apparent totall lack of anything resembling wind. In fact, on the 2nd day of racing, they called the races off after only 1 race. Thank God though cause "sailing" (more like slightly controlled drifting) at .5kts really sucks when its 90F outside. We came in last place on Saturday and last again on Sunday. We were in 1st for a while on Sunday then fell slightly but had a firm grip on 3rd when we followed another boat around a marker and made some wierd navigational error resulting in us being in last place. Shit.....I hate losing.

Not much else has been going on, just still tossing up the endless question for my next trip. Drive, sail, or hitch. I dont know the way yet, but I might even be open to some other alternatives as well. I have been keeping my eye on some boats in the area and a great deal just came up on an 85 Westerly Konsort 29'. A British boat that is quite strong but the deal has come at a bad time and I dont have the 10K on hand yet. Plus when running some numbers through the sail calculator she was returning some capsize ratio numbers that I didnt quite like. Its debatable but coming in at 2.12 was just too much for me, hell my Catalina 25 does 1.96!!!

In other news, Im about 2-3 months away from being totally debt free!!!!!!!!! Isnt that awsome?? I thought so! This is the first major milestone in my ultimate dream of living free and getting on the road (or ocean) for an extended trip while still in my 20's. I have been paying at record levels and have dug myself out 7K in less than 1 year! I could have done even better but I might have driven myself insane if I would have stayed home every single night and eaten jelly sammiches or lunch. No thanks. We will save those hardships for when Im on my trip.

I keep thinking about a route or a desired desitnation for the trip and I guess all that just depends. I would like to try and take up work wherever I decide to stay for a while. 2 months here, 3 there, 1 over there; doesn't matter to me. I have been getting pretty good at repairing surfboards and I actually like doing it. I did it for beer and lunch when I was on my last trip and camping at La Ticla, Mexico. I did some basic ding repairs, rail gashes, and busted noses. Fiberglass/epoxy is magic!!!!!!!! I guess I could do this for basic crap but it will only work out near "surfy" towns and stuff. I would like to drive to South America, shipping the car through the Darien of course. I really want to explore Colombia and Venezuela. I hear great stories of these places and of course great surf. How could I resist? Africa? Mmmmmmmm the Philipines and Indonesia are callllllling my name with remoooooteeee islands and endless empty surf breaks. I hate surfing totally alone but I guess I could get used to it. I tend not to charge as hard when Im surfing by myself though and the risk of death from an injury is a little great when surfing by yourself. Death is a strong word but I guess it could easily happen. Get knocked out, boom, you drown etc.
Anyways my loyal fans, I shall be giving you doses of adventure soon. I have some pictures of sailing coming up.

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