Sunday, January 14, 2007

Out of Control

My spending is out of control! I feel like shit about too. Im blowing precious money on stupid stupid things, like eating out everyday for lunch etc. I need to stop all of this because this is precious money for my trip this summer and its cash to have when I return and move into my new apt. I realized today that I spent a little over 400 in bars/resturants in the month of December. THATS UNACCEPTABLE! Its going to help a lot when I move home with my parents in a couple of weeks.

Yes my experiment living out of home is coming to and end as my lease is going up on Feb 1st. I didnt know that you have to give them 30 day notice and Rami and I have been working insane hours so now we have to pay an extra 319 for extra days. BULLSHIT! Anyways, so I have decided to move back home to avoid paying bills while Im off running around chasing waves. I think this will be a much better solution and I will save a lot of money. When I return, I will be looking for a place in downtown Houston. I want to be right in the thick of it and it will save me a lot in gas for work. I want to be near the punk/hippie crowd. I need to surround myself with some people that have the same mindset as me for a while. Out here in the sticks (im really just in North Houston) people are very different.

So I have been reading tons of blogs on the internet about traveling. I read a guys journals the other day at work for 2 hours! He traveled by bus and car all over the world for 2 years. Damn, I would really love to do that, and Im slowly trying to find a way. It doesnt cost much money but that all depends on how you spend. If I were to camp the whole thing, I could be gone for a long long time. I keep trying to tell myself that my time will come, and be smart with my money until then. Look for certain jobs etc, and things will work out. My mind is slowly warping into that "quit and run" state that I need it to be in. Im no longer afraid of quitting my job, losing everything, and myabe selling the rest to run off for a while. I have been conditioning myself for this, and telling myself there are ALWAYS other jobs when I get back. I personally think its sad that I even have to do this much thinking and convincing but I can blame that on my parents for making me so damn scared and responsible. :)
If I go on living like I do, I can easily plan out the next 5 years of my life. Car, House, Places to surf, Trips, How much money I will probably make. THATS JUST BORING AND STUPID! Im afraid that I will never venture off and do my own thing for a while. Im telling myself that hell, in the end if it doesnt work out and its a huge disaster, everyone is allowd a good fuck up in their lives right????

I know my life style will work out. I know I will be soon writing into this blog from whereever Im staying, surfing my brains out, and living with/like the locals. I have it in me ro live a rough lifestyle to accomplish the things I want to accomplish. If I had a bigger vehicle (ie. a van) I would seriously try living in it. Im not even joking. 24 Hour Fitness gym membership for showers and working out, throw away plates and cups, maybe a laptop, and just cruise and sleep wherever I want. Live homeless. I think that would be a blast!

When I move into my next apt, Im not going to make the same mistake I did with my current. No more buying useless shit. All I need is my computer. I dont care about anything else. I might buy like an Ikea couch and fill the living room a little, but In all honesty, Im just going to turn it into a surf pad. Surfing EVERYWHERE! I might even spray paint my walls. who knows.
Speaking of spray paint, My roommate and I had a little fun last night. The pictures are the result.

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