Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My little world

Well, all this winter weather is finally about to vanish I hope and that has me a little excited. Im waiting for the water to start warming back up. Im really thinking hard about purchasing a 4/3 for the rest of this winter season, but I just dont see myself getting to use it much because of work and class everyday. Bleh

So my little world was shaken this afternoon while hanging out on the local surfing forum ( They threw up a post for me showing a 91 Ford sportsmobile. Its basically like the old westfalia VW campers except that its newer and its a ford. The top pops up, it has a stove, a bed, and a fridge. It sleeps like 4 people or something. The best part is, the guy is in Austin and hes only asking 5,500. I would have to trash the idea of my trip to get this thing, but someone mentioned in the forum something I didn't know, and it shook my little world. Financing for RVs is special and leases up to 12 years can be arranged! That would make this little beauty roughly 40 bucks a month counting interest! Of course it wont take me 12 years to pay it, but it makes it a viable option for the summer and some more summers to come. 40 a month is very affordable, and Ill just pay her in big lump sums when I return from my trip and being working my 2nd jobs.

I dont know what to do, this has totally messed me up. I dont know if I should travel long term by truck, SUV, van, motorcycle, car, bus. bleeeeehhhhhh!!!!

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