Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It Just Keeps Getting Colder

The water has been on a steady decline after all these winter storms. We are now down to 50-52 degrees in Galveston, 50 in surfside, 48 in the Galveston channel, 49 in South Padre. South Padre water as far as I know, hardly ever gets that cold. It usually stays decent in low to mid 60s in the winter, and around high 70's to low 80s in the winter. They have deeper water much closer to the coast down there than here on the upper gulf. Anyways, its FREEEEEZZZING!!!!!

I have been wanting to get in the water, but its just soo damn cold!

So my phone bill for the month of Jan. is $311. Im kinda angry about that but o well. I dont know if I mentioned this either but Rami and I have to pay an extra $319 for the apt because we didnt give a damn 30 days notice. That place and their management can goto hell. O well, Im happy. My tax reutrn this year will be $2380. YAY! That combined with the 1200 I have saved, and the 1500 I plan on saving from Feb - April while I'm living at home should give me a nice chunk of spare change considering I'm only using $1800 for my trip.

$1800 for trip
400 for tires
550 for used transmission and clutch
200 in other maint parts.
$2950 grand total.

Thats not bad at all! Its just too bad my car needs all that damn work to make the trip but O well right? I would have to do it eventually anyways so its better to do it now. That leaves me some change to buy an extra board but Im not trying to blow allll my savings and Im taking 3 boards as it is. My quiver will be, 6'2" Spider, 6'6" Al Merrick K-board, 6'0" SurfThis Fish(twin, tri, quad adjustable fin setup). I will however need to buy some camping gear maybe and a double board bag. Any recomendations on the board bag?


Anonymous said...

u never blog about anything personal. thank u for the updates on the swells and costal weather but who are u?

Bill Graber said...

Heres hoping you get the car fixed

Anonymous said...

well being as u have not made a new post i guess i am forced to recomment on ur last. congrats on the mag. perhaps i seemed lack luster over the phone but i actually think it to be very rad