Monday, December 04, 2006

The New Board!

So I drove to Corpus and bought it! Its a beautiful Spider, and is very small. I took it out in very less than ideal conditions last week and I had a blast. I cannot wait to get this board into bigger waves with more push. The surfing was ok, just a little hard for a board of this size with the waves coming in around thigh to waist.

In case you dont watch the weather, it has been cold as shit here. No more surfing for me for a while. I have been wanting to tough it up, but... I might just sit it out for a while. It wouldnt be all that bad, but the air is horrible and surfing in 62-58 degree water with 40 degree air SUCKS! Plus I absolutely hate wearing wetsuits. When I went out last week I had to wear one, but the water was still pretty warm, so I was totally comfortable. I got tired of feeling so restricted, so I paddled in and put on a spring suit.

Not much else is going on, just working a lot. I talked to Joe a lot the other night, and Im pretty damn convinced he's going to make it. That guy is a trooper, and Im glad to know that I have someone close to me that feels what I feel about the world/our situations. When I cut and run, dont be too suprised if you see him by my side. All else is clear on the front sir!


Bill Graber said...

Very Cool site... I love the countdown thingy

gracefullee said...

Gonna post pictures of the board? You know, that's like porn for me.

Anonymous said...

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