Friday, December 22, 2006

Here We Go Again!

Well tax season is starting up, and my body is feeling it. Im seriously lacking sleep, and Im starting to have some difficulty remembering the date and other wonderful things. I dont actually feel days passing, I merely count them until my "completion" deadline for my boss and 2 other franchise owners I'm doing contract work for. In the end, it will all pay off!

So as Im working all these crazy hours, charging like crazy for the side contracts (a small 30.00/hour, wait till I get my certs!), I stumbled upon 6 very valuable items I will be letting go on Ebay very soon. I have in my posession, 4 unopened EZ payclock PC100s, retailing on ebay and the net for around 425 - 500 each. I also have 2 Cisco IAD2400s, retailing around 800 - 1700 each on the net and ebay. Im hoping to sell low and sell fast as its all profit to me. Im hoping to walk away with at least 1500 dollars which will be thrown into my transmission in the car and various other 'upcomping surf trip' related items. No, before you ask, there will be no new board purchases unless I stumble upon something remarkable.

I have decided that I need to start posting again more. I miss posting but sometimes I feel like no one will want to or will bother to read my boring shit. I dont always have surf to talk about, especially my non rubber having, cold water fearing, blue lipped after 10 minute, self here in this Texas winter. The water has warmed to around 60 - 62, but she wont be there for long. O well, spring is just around the corner. After all, they dont call em a spring suit for nothing right?

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Bill Graber said...

Dude get a wet suit...