Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Life of the Rich

I cannot take it anymore! Something needs to be said about this, and dammit, I will take the heat and step up to the plate.

Im referring to the recent "headline" story about the 3 climbers lost on Mt. Hood. Its amazing to me that they just keep on searching through endless amounts of snow and rain and horrible conditions when clearly, its doubtful that anyone could have survived. How many precious tax dollars have been wasted? How many times do we have to see their wives on TV, telling us "You would love them if you met them...."etc? This has got to end. If I was stuck on that mountain, I seriously doubt they would give me anymore than a couple of days max before they called it off. Im sorry, my prayers to your family, but stop wasting our time.

On another note, this same thing applies 10 fold for that Natali Halloway. Man ohh man. That is a never ending drama story about her rich Alabama parents, buddy buddy with some Washington high ups including the Gov. of Alabama. THE GIRL IS DEAD! Man I hate to take such a stance against this issues, but the average Americans need to stop caring about these issues. Its amazing me to how we empower the rich so much in this country. We elect them, praise them, follow them, mourn with them, put them above the law. Time for a change.


Bill Graber said...

I agree... when one of us surfers goes over the falls they just wait till we wash up on the beach.

Anonymous said...

It is sensationalism pure and simple, just selling ad time. That's why I don't watch any more.