Saturday, November 25, 2006

No Surf, No Bueno

As the title says it, there isnt any surf to speak of. Supposedly we have a decent swell filling in in the next couple of days, but it will be waist to waist+ at best. Worth a 130 mile round trip drive?? Well I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about my traveling and school and all that, and well, I think Im gonna do my best to hurry and blast through school. No more fucking around. I wanna finish up, so I can get the fuck outa here.

I have also been thinnking of really ramping up my studies in spanish. This has come out of the need to communicate more in spanish, and the general lack communication I have with my few Mexican friends I have left. Most of them have become shady at best, but o well. I will continue to just focus on what I need to get done, and try and surf as much as possible.

A lot of people have been letting me down lately, perhaps Im just demanding too much of them. I have been considering dropping Joe out of my trip and just running it solo. I dont know what makes me want to do it, maybe its just that I feel like Im the only passionate one. He wants to explore and surf and bum around, but just not quite on the same level that I do. I have been trying my hardest to put money back and get ready for next summer while Im watching him partying and drinking a lot and going out a lot. No big deal, he can live his life the way he wants, but I have a bad feeling he's gonna come up short with the cash required for our trip next summer. If that happens, then the only solution will be to send him packing on a bus/airplane, I cannot sacrifice my trip because something like alcohol was more important. Another thing that bothers me sometimes is the amount of research I do as to where Im traveling. I buy maps, I read all night on the internet, I study my spanish. Joe will get to sit back in th car and enjoy the fruits of my labor at relativley no cost except splitting gas and insurance. Blah maybe I just need to stop being such a bitch

In other notes, I think I am about to purchase a new board. 6'2" 18 1/2, 2 1/4. Nice dimensions and its pretty much exactly what Im looking for. the guy is asking 275 (its been ridden 2 times, no dings or anything) i get the board, dakine traction, leash, and a boardbag. Problem? The board is 3 hours south of me, and as Im typing this Im getting ready to head out and go buy it. Why not???

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Anonymous said...

Como estas puto??
espero que bien, y que no te sientas decepcionado de tus pinches amigos mexicanos porque nosotros si nos acordamos de ti!, Salas tambien, aunque no lo creas... Estoy terminando la escuela, en 1 semana acabo... Como vas en espaƱol? espero que no uses Google translation para entenderme jajaja... Me despido, Keep in touch bastard!! c ya... Andres (Sefo)