Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Haha sorry, I just had to give it a movie title. Surfside bouy is peaking around 8.7-9.5Ft at 8 seconds. The bouy is showing a solid 6.2ft of swell with overall significant wave height of 8.9 at the moment. Our swell period is 8.3sec. check her out at
The only problem is the near 30kts winds clocking out of the SSE. They should calm down tomarrow as the front passes over us, and winds are forecast to go W or SW. Hopefully they will be light and clean this up a bit. The jetty at surfside should save us from the longshores and hopefully shelter the swell from the wind a little bit. Ill post tomarrow night after i get out of it. The water temps at the beach are hovering at 64. If they climb again back to 68, im gonna try and trunk it. The air temps tomarrow should be high 70's low 80's and sunny so I should stay pretty warm.

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wellll that sounds really.....technical..hahaha i have no idea what you are talking about i this blog nemore :( surf talk in Oz sounds a bit different i guess!