Thursday, January 26, 2006

The price of waves

In my last post i reported that we might be getting a decent sized swell heading our way. Well while that may still hold true, those eastie winds are bringing with them some colddddddddddddd wind! anyways, i read this online about the article published in LA times about the guy who is against the war, and they interviewed him and he said this
"Stein said he had long considered the issue and that whenever a politician opposes the war but supports the troops "I just always think they are covering their ass.""
wow that could not have been said any better.
Anyways, well i really hope it starts warming up or its going to be a very very cold session. I will try and stay in the water as long as i can because i have to drive around 1 1/2 hours just to get to the beach. If i was a gazillionare and somehow got over my wierd ideas of cali surf, i would move there. I just have these ideas in my head that i dont want to be in the water with over agro cali surfers, crowded ass waves, and cold water year round. Bleh! Ill move to mexico, which is kind of what i want to do anyways. Last night i read up quite a bit about the surf potential of Angola in Africa. Warm water, nice swell window, a war torn country that warns of land mines when wondering off road, good waves, and friendly people. Hrmm. sounds like an adventure to me!

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Anonymous said...

Africa?!! Every day I notice u're crazy...hahaha but I don't care I like u that I hope u can do it babe!!...about me..I hope the water warms up a little and gets good waves so I can go surf again...shiiit I'm scareeeed 4 years babe..wish me luck =) Te quiero!!!