Friday, January 20, 2006

In desperate need of surf!

Im dying! I need to get back in the water and fast. I have been reading some surf blogs, mostly from california and it is just unfair how much surf they get! I realized these people are freaking out if they havent gotten good surf in over a week. it has been nearly 2 or 3 months since I have been in the water! I absolutly hate cold water though so that doesnt help me much. Well it seems my friends who might be going with me on my surf trip are messing things up quite nice. They can only stay 2 1/2 to 3 weeks maximum, and I want to stay 4-5. One option is that they ride down with me, and when they are ready to leave I can drive them to Guadalajara and they can fly out. The problem with this is now I will be all by my lonesome for another week or 2 in mexico, and I dont know if this is such a good idea. I totally trust the people and my own spanish/international skills, but I dont like surfing by myself at unfamiliar spots; its just a no-no. Well we have plenty of time to figure it all out so im not worried. In the mean time, I need to do BADASS in my class this semester, pay at LEAST half of my credit card off (shouldnt be too much of a problem), buy my new board (a 6'2" Al Merrick Sashimi, yes i know a little small, but great for texas waves. my other is an Al Merrick K-Board 6'6", worked perfect in costa rica, and should be fine for mexico), maybe get some new tires on the Rav, and maybe just maybe a new camera and a front brush guard with lights for the RAV. Ok well im at work, back to work (kinda haha).

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gracefullee said...

You're absolutely right about us freaking out if it's flat or unsurfable for a week. We're totally spoiled! Thanks for putting our whining in perspective... but it's probably not going to stop. :)