Monday, February 26, 2007

Getting Warmer

The Gulf is warming her cute butt up, and I cannot tell you how exicted I am. I dont think I have been in the water since sometime around December, hell maybe even November! We are rapidly approaching warm spring trunkable waters and decent spring time surf. I hope we have an active spring time this year because last years left something to be desired.

So this weekend was a blast. I hung out with my bud Damien and we hit some new bars here in The Woodlands. In general it was a good time. I ran into an old friend from Venezuela at a bar here and it was good to see her again. They used to be part of the big Latin crew at the local junoir college I attend but they have all since moved on except a few. I too am left in this damn college. Sunday I woke up at Damien's and we decided to head out to this little pond (about the size of a football field) that I discovered wayyyyyy off in the woods by my house. This is all private property owned by The Woodlands Corp. We decided to try and fish it since I hadnt been fishing since I was a kid and I recently bought a rodnreel for my trip to Mex. We didnt catch anything but had some strongggg bites. We are going to change up the bait/lures when we head back out next weekend and hopefully we will have more luck.

Well not much has been going on, just counting the days. I have been thinking of trying to produce a surf movie lately about hardcore surf adventure. Think "Second Thoughts" by Timmy Turner. I think I am capable of doing this but getting it out there and licencing all the music and crap is discouraging me very fast. Ill keep everyone posted on this project.

Ohhh also... Im walking with a team for my company on March 11th here in AIDS Walk 2007 Houston. Please if you have the chance/time, drop by my donate page for my team and donate a couple of bucks if you can.


Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful day today huh? I spent most of it sleeping, then woke up to do a little work from my apt on my comp... the highlight was going to the ghetto walmart by my house and seeing how many towels I could fit in a basket, untill a pissed off happy helper came to tell me they were not impressed with my leaning tower creation... miss you, it sounds like you're doing well

Bill Graber said...

Yeah finally warming up here too. spring is in the air today