Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Ok so I just got through watching the UCLA
taser video. I am so disgusted it seriously has my damn heart jumping like mad. Im so very glad I was not witness to that, I think I would have killed a cop. This is exactly the bullshit of today and one of the primary reason I dont plan on ever living in this country longer than I have to, or retiring here.

I have so many dreams of revolution, taking back what used to be ours. Before people got all pussyfied, and forgot what this nation was actually created on. We have given it up. Our freedoms. Our rights. Our brains. We keep believing there is a threat against this country, and yea there probably is. That fear is what keeps incidents like this from going on unpunished. That threat against our country is totally and completely self generated anyways. We have caused so much pain and suffering in the world, how can one not expect groups to form against our nation? They say its because they dont like our lifestyle. HAHAHAHA! Anyone who has any fucking idea or clue about history knows the horrible atrocities of this country, god dont even get me started on Latin America.

Moving on, I think as a people we need to take the power back as Rage Agaisnt the Machine once said in one of their songs. We let these fuckheads in our government get away with all kinds of bullshit, and they are yet somehow above the law. Isnt that the reason we emmigrated to this place in the first place?? To escape overpower kings that ruled with divine right? WELL GUESS WHAT FUCKTARDS, YOU LET IT HAPPEN ALL AGAIN!

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Anonymous said...

Ohmigod that was a little fucked! but did you watch the ozzie guy with glasses trying to sound all smart and shit hahahaha what a wanker! miss you :( xx