Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Warning Captain...Surf Approaching

We are due to start recieving a fairly long period E E/SE swell tomarrow and through the weekend. Im seriously considering driving south for this one, and when I say south I do mean 4+ hours. The problem is my work schedule of the second crap job. I want to just call in for saturday but I will in the process be screwing a good friend of mine and I just dont see that happening. Im still considering it because of the fact that Im already getting screwed for the dates of my 22nd coming up. I will be turning 22 on october 15th, and I have to work all damn weekend. I have been trying my hardest to get it off, but the best I could muster from my crap-anager was "see if you can find some others in the store or district who will pick up your hours". Thanks again for shortstaffing the crap out of us while you reap the benefits. Anyways, Im gonna surf Friday no matter what and Im very excited. YEEEEEHAAAWWW <----- did I really just say that???

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