Friday, October 20, 2006

Post for Tuesday Oct. 17th

Well my computer just crashed in the middle of typing out a long one so you cannot even begin to imagine the anger I have right now. Im retyping, haha, more like hesitating in retyping all that wonderful joy I typed out. Does anyone read this thing anyways??? Fuck it, Im summing it up with this. I went surfing for a belated birthday surf on tuesday. The swell was still holding waist+ to chest+ with light onshore winds and a great Autumn day. It was perfect. I got 3 great rides that I care to mention, and all somehow resembling crazy Mexico rides I got. I took out my Al Merrick 6'6" which I wish desperatly that it was shorter. The fish and I are not getting along right now, and I have another Merrick in my sites. 6'2" Flyer, probably my dream board, so we will see very very soon. Anyways thats all I have to say. Sorry, Im just not retyping all that again.

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