Saturday, August 26, 2006

Here We GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to admit, despite all the nasty side effects of hurricane Katrina and others, Im very excited, almost giddy with anticipation for Ernesto. Luckily, we have bouys all over the Yucatan Striaght as he will march right through, possibly clipping Mexico and Cuba, and I will be able to monitor the building ground swell as he enters the straights and heads for open waters. My gut instinct tells me to head south, to South Padre Island, but with my new job in full swing, I just dont see that happening. Either way, it will get big here, and fast. Im praying for at least headhigh to 3 or 4ft. overhead. I just reeeeaaalllyy need this surf right now, Im feeling desperate. I have surfed 1 time, 1 FREAKING TIME, since I have been back from Mexico, on july 10th. Roughly speaking, I have surfed 1 time in a month and a half. This pattern cannot continue, and Im desperately seaking means to an alternative. Thats what the 2nd job is for hehehe. I will be putting back a large stash of cash and keep building it up until my moment is right. How will I know when that moment is right? Im not sure, but its coming very very very soon, I know that for sure. I can only handle so much more of this crap before I jet off to some unknown locale and try my hand at living there. I have considered California again, but the price of living and cold water keep deterring me. Im starting to consider Australia alot as an option. I have a good friend that can help me get on my feet, I can work illegally, and I can surf all the time. The water might be close to California tempts, but I would much much rather be surfing there than in California (no offence guys!). Blah who knows. Anyways, SURF IS COMING!

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