Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today is TUESDAY!


So last weekend was pretty damn fun. I had a blast friday night at Damien's house when Rami showed up on his bike. He let me ride it and it was my first time on a street bike and wow did I have a blast! Its a 98ish Suzuki Bandit 600 and its not even a true sport bike but ohh man that thing is fast!

We commenced to drinking after that and playing rockband like we were the real deal haha. We all get together sometimes and do this and its a blast! Me on bass, Rami on guitar, Damien on drums and whoever on the mic. We also played some Wii and I showed them how bowling is done. Actually, Damien smoked me.

Saturday I really didnt do much. I hung out at my dads all day and we fixed the electrical problem in my car. Thank God it was just a fuse I missed when I went over everything. We reqired my trailer harness due to some exposed wire and he thinks the wire could have grounded it out causing the fuse to blow in the first place. I really hope so!

Sunday morning my cousins and aunt showed up. They are moving in with us for a bit until they can get on their feet. Her husband, my uncle, has been living with us for a little over 1 month now and hes working and doing great. Its a little crowded in the house right now but its not bad having family around plus they are cool. Im really glad we could step up and help them like this. I did take my cousin with me on a run to Kemah to drop off the last parts from my Catalina and I got a few more parts for the hobie cat. I got a new cam cleat with a pad eye for the furling line. My old one is stuck and not working all that well. I guess I could have taken it apart but I was feeling lazy and just picked up a new one for $18.

Well thats about it, Ill try and get another sunset shot tonight from the garage.

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