Monday, February 16, 2009

My Weekend

Well, I got a lot accomplished this weekend. I finally had a friday off that I didnt have to work or cover for someone so I enjoyed my 3 days and worked hard on the boat. I dont think I worked half as much on my old and much bigger boat but Im hoping I will be rewarded for my efforts.

Friday it was dreary and pretty much crappy weather for trying to work outside on the boat. I called Rami up and learned he was planning something extravagant for his girlfriend for Valentine's. Basically, he bought a little over 1000 balloons and a small handpump and was going to need some help. So for the next 5 hours we pumped and tied balloons and had to call it quits at a little over 850. One balloon had a necklace he bought her and we hid it amongst all the others for her to find.

Saturday I got up early (around 10) and started working on the trailer for the boat again with a new determination to finish up. I learned that Ace Hardware carries the apparently rare rectangular U-bolts I couldnt find anywhere else short of the internet. So after $30 in bolts, I assembled the trailer with the help of my uncle who is living with us right now. We got the trailer almost finished and then the rain set it. I went to the bar that night to meet up with Joe and I learned of a small electrical issue with my car. My step dad said he'd seen it before and it was due to my dual filiment taillights. Thank God someone knew because Im pretty mechanically inclined but I hate tracing electrical issues.

Sunday I finished the trailer and began finishing up the actual boat. We got the new siderails mounted and got the chainplates riveted into the tramp bars. I retensioned the stay that runs over the dolphin striker and fixed a pin that was missing. All my rigging showed up this weekend and I was hoping to rig her but I couldnt find the damn turnbuckle I needed at the local West Marine so once again, Im delayed another weekend. Thats when I noticed that small electrical problem go from small to huge. Basically, the bulbs were not the answer. My dad, who was a commercial electrician once upon a time, helped me trace a little and basically it looks like somwhere 2 circuits have fused together. I have taillights but no dash lights, ac, or brake lights. When switching the fuses, I loose all lights but regain my AC and power windows. Amazing! So, my dad offered to help me tear into it this Saturday which basically ruins my plans to head to Austin to check out a 30ft Allied sailboat. O well....


Anonymous said...

hey, i came across your blog while planning my trip to Ticla, i am a guadalajara local, Ticla is my back yard, but have not been there since 2005, i now live in missouri, im flying to guadlajara and driving a rental into ticla, maybe drive down the coast as well.
Wondering if you had any phone numbers from ticla hills or the store intown, so i can reserve my hut!!

dave rich said...


Sorry man, I dont have a whole lot of numbers for anything. My whole trip was really just "winging it". I stayed at Amalia's right on the beach for $2/day and she always had room. Most surfers tend to pass her up because she is somewhat "lacking" in amenities. I however, can shit and shower wherver I feel like it so $2/day was perfect.

I know that "Beverly Hills" on the other side was $60/night or more and "forgot the nickname" by the river just up the street was a better 20something/night with showers and cabanas etc.

When ya headed down? Im headed back down towards the end of July or the beginning of August if my sailing doesnt get in the way.

Sorry I dont have any more info for you.