Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another Day at the Office

Its 8am.

As I sit down I notice the red "you have a message" light flashing on my phone.

3 emails are already in the box, waiting patiently to be read and tended to.

As I turn to fend off some emails, someone walks up with a laptop and tells me they are having logon issues with it, a problem that really doesn't make much sense. My focus changes now from the emails to the laptop in my face and I learn that this is a very unique problem, unique in a way that to fix it requires having a knowledge of a part of this network I have not yet learned. Another knowledge forms now in my brain, that knowledge is that the only person who does know this, is home sick. I wont call him and bother him because that is rude and my own struggle to have independant knowledge is stronger than my desire to call him.

IE7 is putting up a fight of epic proportions as it keeps crashing on close.

ICE Tcp printer configuration is out of whack.

We have a large amount of wierd traffic on our network causing congestion. is barely noon. Ohh how I want to be somewhere in Mexico right now with my only worry being that noon time wind shifts will soon turn the wind onshore and blow it out for lunch. Then Ill be forced to paddle in and eat and lay in my hammock as I wait for it to turn offshort again in the afternoon. I keep asking myself if signing up for this is really what I wanted.

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