Monday, November 05, 2007

Back Back and Ready for ACTION

Well Im back from the cruise. We had a great time and I would take one again, however like I sa before, its not really my style.

We consumed just wayyyyyy toooo much alcohol. My final tab for 7 days was 600 dollars and well, Im hurting. Im pretty sure I wont be able to drink like that again for a long time, I just constantly pushed it. The reasoning behind it was my celebration of my death of my current self. Things are changing very very much on the personal front, and well, I got hired today at my new job. Ill be the 9-5 guy for a while so I can get my experience and certifications to move on and recover easier from long long surf trips. The money is very very decent for my level of experience (37K start) and they are willing to pay for my certs with Microsoft and well lets just say, those are not cheap. Its time for a temporary change. Waking up early. Working out. No more partying (at least weekday partying). Im watching all my friends grad from college, get married, move away for good jobs and it seems Im one of the last sticking to my guns. This is my gateway and only way to step it up to the next level and Im ready to sacrifice a little while to make it happen.

Anyways, Ill try and start posting regularly again. I have been slacking and Im trying to stop that. I have been working hard on the boat and all my parts for the engine just made it in today so hopefully that will be fixed in the next week or 2. All my rigging and everything is about to be ordered in a day or so, so brand new rigging is going to rock! She should be nice and ready to take out hopefully by the middle of next month. Ill keep everyone posted on my new career as a sailing surfing traveling maniac!

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