Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Almost Done

Well, as it stands, I have about 4 more days of work owed to Jackson Hewitt, and then I'm out! I have around 5 days off before I start my new job, so I havent decided just yet where I will go. Im trying to watch the swell models and make my best guess as to where I can head off for a couple of days and score some good surf. South/Central Texas should be getting good for a couple of days around monday or tuesday, but north to central east coast Florida is going to be going off possibly better and longer. Damn decisions. I wouldnt mind driving to Florida for some good quality surf, but my surf buddy just bailed. He has a lot of doctor appointments for his back this upcoming week, so Ill be flying solo. Thats cool. I just dont know the Florida breaks like I know Texas, so I might just stick around here. I also Have the possibility of heading into Mexico for a couple of days to try and score.

So what has been happening in the blogosphere?? Is everyone throwing in the towel like Wiff? I hope not, cause I secretly know Wiff will be back. Haha, yeaaa... I have been thinking of working on an article about the stabbing for Drift Magazine but I havent fully decided yet. For thos of you that remember, I was lined up to do some writing for them about my trip but then backed off about exposing some spots that I traveled to and saw. Thats that elite-ist asshole in me.

The boat is still coming along. It has all new rigging now and the motor is in the shop so its a matter of days Im guessing. I need to hurry and get some insurance on that thing, so I can go sailing with no worries. I might go and do that today, but I think the office is closed. Damn. I have decided to relax a little about my poor boat. I talked with some great people at the recent ALS walk after party for our beloved Wes Ellsworth and they told me that as my first boat, my primary concern is learning how to handle her and learning all the aspects of sailing. They told me not to go crazy on new electronics and all that gear and just learn how she sails. If I decide to start heading way offshore then yes, I need to learn charting and spend some cash on some good electronics, but until then, I have the entire Galveston bay and Clear Lake to explore.

Ok, well, Im headed off to work. I know, I know, its the day before T-day, but o well. I gotta finish up so I can go surfing next week!


Anonymous said...

Dave. You might find this interesting

just an FYI from a fellow Gulf Coaster

Whiffleboy said...

I'll only be back in people's comments. :-)