Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Not much to say

Well, I dont have a whole lot to say here, just wanted to poke back in. I guess I gotta start keeping up with this thing again because that was my goal, to try and post as much as possible. Not too much has been going on. The boat is getting there, slowly. Im watching the weather like a hawk and just waiting for any sign of swell on our horizons. Its not coming.....

I might be making a job change. Yes.. Im thinking about tossing in the cards on my current job. The travel and all the time off are not worth it anymore with all of the crap I have to deal with and the wear-n-tear I do "non-reimbursed by the way" Im doing to my vehicle. So, Im exploring another option at the moment, and if it works out then I will post about it. It will pretty much signal the end of my traveling for now..... but.... it will provide the funding for that "UP AND VANISH" move that my current job cannot provide the cheese for. It will provide more working cash for the boat, and it will get me in on the cutting edge of IT work, which, is a true passion of mine. It will give me the means to get certified in all of the things I want so when I vanish, I can come back to something instead of nothing. Dont worry my few readers, Im not abondoning my dreams by any means. Im exploring another route to them. If anything, Im still on my path of living day to day, one day at a time, and trying to explore every option that comes my way. Im not a chronic job hopper, I prefer some stability. Yet, this opportunity is my newest sense of adventure for the moment. Im still living my dream, just in different contexts.

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