Monday, August 27, 2007


I checked out the boat saturday. She is awsome! Im going to have to reaaaaally spend some time cleaning her and working on it, but I already cant wait. Im extreamly excited about this and I think it will give me some direction in all these last months I have with no work. Im already compiling a huge list of projects I need to do, all mostly just labor not much cash.

So today I went to my bank and BLAM, they approved me for the $4,000 I asked for no problem. The guy lowered the price to help me out a little to $3,000 so that gives me an extra 1K to have in case of emergency needs for the boat. I will hang on to it for a while and eventually just roll it back into the loan payment if I dont need it after a few months of work. Im super excited and ready to begin working on her. Now I just need to get the title signed, get it registered and all that mess. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im pumped!

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nils said...

hey dave - about your comment on glissers blog...

I agree about the importance of the adventure - I think that's why we go on surf trips to start with. What I dont like, and what I hope glissers can sort out, is those time you end up on an over-priced accommodation with unfriendly hosts who just wants to make money.

For example, I just came back (yesterday) from a trip to Portugal. I found some amazing places to stay. I want to "tell the world" about them, so they can survive and thrive. And thats the idea with

See you around!