Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Back in Tapachula

Well, after seriously considering entering El Salvador since we spent the night only 40km from it in Monterrico, we have headed back to Mexico. The drive was pretty long but the border crossing was fine. We are going to call it a night again here in Tapachula but in a hotel hahahha. No more free camping here in this city.

I just want to say thanks to everyone for leaving a comment. My arm is healing pretty good and we took the stiches out the other day. My nose is healing pretty fast also.

The surf in Guatemala was running but I dont think big enough. Im not going to write off that beach or Guatemala completely just yet. The waves in Monterrico do break right onto the beach, but I feel there was not sufficient swell to make it break a little further out. There is surf in Guatemala, its just a little elusive. The hotel was super nice and we only paid 100 quetzales (about 13 usd) to stay for 1 night, 2 people, and secured parking.

Well, tomarrow I think we are blasting to the Oaxacan coast line so Ill try and update as soon as I can.


Bill Graber said...

Sounds like just a wonderful surf trip Dave.... glad you're healing up

Anonymous said...

I feel like im reading about someone else in these blogs :( not you, miss you heaps and hope to hear from you soon! I hope your feeling better, which im sure you are....Love ash xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, seems like you're on an amazing trip, hope you're having fun. I was wondering if you could help me... we're building a directory of surf accommodations around the world - hotels, b&bs, campings, you name it. Would be awesome if you could add a few of the places you've stayed at, sharing your knowledge with the rest of us at home ;) the site is www.glissers.com .
Cheers, c u around!
//Nils at glissers.com