Sunday, May 06, 2007

A small rant on American auto makers

So I'm driving down the freeway and I'm headed back from a surf session
in less than spectacular waves but we will get to that in a moment. I'm
going to go ahead and apologize now if things are spelled crazy because
I'm driving while typing this.

Moving on... So I just saw a billboard advertising the Chevy truck and
it said "Our Country, Our truck." And I have to say I'm a little pissed
to see what most people with their heads on correctly, a now inferior
Chevy resorting to 'patriotic' tactics to keep consumers faithful. First
and foremost let me pont out that driving a japanese vehicle is by no
means "unpatriotic". Almost the entire fleet of Hondas, Nissans, and
Toyotas are assembled here in the USA. Basically, your being just as
patriotic buying a Japanese car as an American car. Americans are still
working in those factories building them.
So now that Chevy has been officially creamed by the new and truely
badass Toyota Tundra and the Nissan Titan and the sales show that Toyota
sales outpaced GM in Q1, they are pulling the curtains. GM is now back
on the path that every single American car maker takes when they get
beaten. Instead of heading to the drawing board and creating some
efficient, reliable, durable, and safe they would rather try and make us
feel somehow less of an American for not buying an inferior product.
Hopefully Chevy's gimmick only appeal only to rednecks and poorer
cowboys who usually represent a small percent of American/Texan
purchasing power. Lets take some time and try to find Chevy/GM and the
other American auto makers shortcomings shall we?
1st. Reliability. American auto makers are out to make money. Save money
of fast design. Save money in production. Make money in costly repairs.
American makers do have certain models that fair extreamly well in
durability ( dodge 97-2001 cummins diesel engines for example) but they
simply cannot shake a stick at japanese reliability.

2.efficiency. Hardly any of the American makers have tried to implement
more fuel efficient vehicles. GM has played another clever trick by
rolling out "flexfuel' cars but anyone who knows anything about ethanol
can see straight through this. Plus ethanol is more polluting than
fossil based fuels. With the hybrid argument out of the way, now we can
talk about inefficient engine designs. Americans have always stood by
the saying "there is no replacement for displacement" and I'm not sure
why. Its almost as if we are a little insecure about the sizes of out
penises or something. You take the ford v8 in the mustang gt. It makes
somewhere around 320hp I'm guessing and yes I have been in one, quick
but not fast. Now take the nissan v6 in the 350z and infinity g30.
Almost 300hp in a v6 AND 24mpg gas milage. You don't even want to know
what the ford gets. Simply, inefficient.

3.attractive styles. American car makers are just now getting it and
barely. Hell ford used the same gauge cluster design for 10 years in
trucks, mustangs, and other sedans. BORING! Cars are supposed to be fun
not mundane. The big American makers are now jumping on the '20s'
gimmic. Please, not all of use wanna look like a ghetto rat. If 20s are
all you have then ill once again stick with my imports.

4. Competative pricing. Here is where they fall short again. If you ever
go cheap on an American car, you better call the church and ask for
constant prayer or something for the lifetime of the vehicle. Lets do
just a small comparison.
My best friend rami just bought a car and his girlfriend also has a new
Her 2006 mustang Gt, 30k+, all power and leather and other plain options
that come on all other cars, 340+hp, average 13mpg.

Rami's new 2007 lexus is250 (a toyota if I may). 34k, 240gp at 26mpg,
full touch screen talking navigation, bluetooth for cell phones, all
power and leather, push button start, KEYLESS EVERYTHING! No key to
start or unlock just have the pad on ur body. , HID headlights that turn
when you turn, paddle shifting, plus tons more. Lexus has one most
reliable car award for like 2 or 3 years in a row. And he gets free
unlimited oil changes and car washes for like 2 or 3 years.

30k+ mustang vs. 34k is250. Apples and oranges ladies and gentlement.

So to wrap this up, chevy, shut the fuck up with your patriotic
gimmicks. Ur loosing and will continue to loose until you really realize
why no one wants to drive your vehicles. Don't try and make me feel
guilty for wanting a car far superior to anything you have ever produced
that wasn't 50k. Ill continue to buy japanese cars and not feel a damn
bit of guilt, because they are

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