Monday, April 30, 2007

A Wild Weekend

This weekend was the Ellsworth crawfish bash. Wes Ellsworth is the man
responsible for our texas surf forecasts and he is an all around awsome
guy. Saturday night they invited everyone from our surf forum
( out to their lovely home. Tons of people made it and it
was awsome to finally put some faces to names of the people I chat with

The party was freeeaaakin wild! Everyone was having a blast. I had just
a tad bit too much to drink and then started eating crawfish which ended
up getting me sick as hell. I puked a couple of times that night before
I crashed on a couch there. That
suckkkkked. I haven't been hungover/sick like that in a while.

Anyways, we had a blast. As you can see, my counter is getting lower and
lower. I'm within 3 weeks of departue now and I can hardly contain my
excitement. I'm almost ready to go and I have just a few more things to
take care of. I could have been doing it now but my dumbass flipped out
the other day when checking out some things in my bank account. I had a
wierd charge that just said "HOU ITV MEXICO D.F" for $40 bucks and then
a wellsfargo charge of 1.20 for converting usd into pesos. Hrmmm...... I
though about it for a while and could not remember any purchases to
mexico so I called and started to have it investigated and
cancelled all my cards. 15 minutes later.... "DAMN I'M A FUCKING
IDIOT!!!!!!". That charge was the charge from the consulate banjercito
to get my vehicle import permit for my car. Damn why couldn't they just
call it "Banjercito" or something? So I called back and canceled the
investigation on it quickstyle for fear of messing up my paperwork and
creating a redtape nightmare to get it fixed in mexico. The cards
however could not be cancelled so here I am waiting on a new set of
debit cards for the next 6-8 biz days. Doh!

I got my new video camera in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I bought it
just for this trip and I cannot wait to be filming with it. It has
amazing picture quality as it is a 3ccd camera. I got the Panasonic
pv-gs320 from for $430.00 with a badass carrying case.
Everyone else wants around $500 for this camera so I got a pretty good
deal. Like I said though, the picture quality is just totally unreal! Be
looking for a webcondensed version of my trip dvd when I return. Well
its a beautiful monday here in Houston and tax season is officially over
so I only work tuesdays and thursdays now! Well I guess I will do some
laundry, clean the bathroom, and go work out.

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