Sunday, March 25, 2007

And the Surfing was...

Yup. It did not.

Nope, not even.


Joe, Charlie, and I all met up at the Chevron this morning at 5:30am to gas up and grab some food and stuff. Then we were off, complete with some 2way radios, toll roads, Monsters, and little Mexican pastries.

5:55am, driving

Charlie: BEEEEP "Hey David, Whats the Galveston bouy reading?"

David: BEEEEP "Hrmm, Its at 4.3ft but reading a NNE swell at 6 seconds. Thats wierd, it must be malfunctioning. I know it always reads lower but NNE?"

Charlie: BEEEEP "Yea, Lets just hit Gtown, I dont think surfside is going to be much better. Whats the water temp at flagship?"

David: BEEEEP "Yea surfside bouy is showing solid 6.3ft at 8 seconds but crazy winds. Flagship water temp is a cozy 67F"

Charlie: BEEEEP "Alright, lets hit Gtown then, we can tuck in behind the jetties to break the current"

David: BEEEEP "Im down"

And thats how it went. You just have to love modern technology. Upon arriving in Galveston we quickly saw just how disorganized and choppy it was. O well, 80 miles, we are getting in the water no matter what. I'm in a fullsuit for the beginning of the session. I'm thinking about some software changes I made at work last night and praying I dont start getting blasted with tech calls and end up driving back to Houston. I twas waist - waist+ and very mushy. My 6'2" was just not cutting it, but I trudged on, wanting desperately to get the board wired and see her potential. Wave after wave missed, blown, not popping up fast enough.

I get out and change into some board shorts, a vest,and a rash guard over that and just brave the water and too my suprise it was not that bad. After missing another who knows how many waves, I decided to end the session before I threw my board into the seawall.Charlie and joe just kept trying to reassure me not to get pissed over such shitty conditions and that it was hard for everyone today. *Sigh*I just want out of this state. I want warmth, sun, good waves....I want to progress. I want to surf a lot!I want to surf well!I want to never see a wetsuit again...Im very down trodden with today. I'm just getting that wierd rush of "stuckness" all over again. I'll never make it out of this shithole....

*this was an old post, but blogger was screwing up. the date of this post should be marchh 21st, wednesday


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no more wet suits!