Monday, March 19, 2007

And Here We Are...

The week of the long lost surf has finally arrived. Its spring, its warm, and its currently waist to chest and building. THANK GOD! Already I'm checking which classes I can skip and dodge without missing too much material. Im going to try and DP all week if I can and possibly just get a day off of work for some surffffffff. I can't wait to be in boardshorts on my new board and in sizable surf. The first and only time I have ridden it was in less than ideal shortboard conditions and I was in a fullsuit which I hate surfing in. I'm ready to see this boards potential and what I can do on it. No more big thick shorties, Im moving into the 'potato chip' series now.

Well I have been communicating a little with the online magazine Drift (link on the sidebar) and there might be a little "voyage of the swell" type deal in the works. As the countdown timer shows, my friend and I are setting out on a huge trip this summer and I would love to write about it. Im going to try my best to film the entire trip as well and document as much as I can. I have a few issues about writing about my trip though so those of you who read this, please feel free to chime in and let me know what you think.

The issues I have with writing about my trip stem from a sense of selling out and/or possibly exposing secret or lesser known breaks. I will do everything in my power not to expose places as Im pretty secretive about the spots I do know of and the ideas of future spots in my head. To me, even just giving the state that Im in is already too much information. I have to really think hard about this and see if it is worth it to write and potentially expose or just keep my stories to myself. I love writing, especially about my adventures I embark on and I would really love the opportunity to write for the surf and surf adventure community. I feel like my travel style has a special ring to it that would attract readers and inspire others to try their own style of adventure travel. Whether I write about and publish them or not, I can guarentee you all that I will be exploring some very remote regions and surf. I have several ideas down on paper and I have been googling and reading guidebooks about the local areas, and the more I find some to no information, I get very very exited. I have already been scouting some other countries for some future expeditions and I can say Im looking at the Caribbean and South America actively.

In other areas, everything else has been going fine. I have been promising myself to start blogging more, especially after I saw that I only had 15 total posts so far for 2007. I just dont have much to say lately and I dont want to bore you all with the same ole repetative shit. Well, hopefully, I will have some surfing to be writing about very very soon.

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Bill Graber said...

Aww come on brah... tell a sista the places to surf.