Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nothing of Interest

I dont have much of anything to report about. Surf is still looking like a lake. I have surfed 1 TIME SINCE I HAVE BEEN BACK, JULY 10th. Is this my punishment for scoring amazing waves all month long while most were stuck at their jobs and lives? I think its just a reminder of why Im wasting my fucking life away living in this non surf having state. O well. Maybe Ill convince my boss to buy some territories in California or Florida. On a side note, I have gone back to work for Kinkos for extra cash for school and debt payoff and my trip next summer. I have also been coding and a great deal and just working on some neat things with my friends. Im working on a bunch of trolling programs for trollforge.net (warning, not for the fient of heart) and its coming along nicely. Im also working on a bunch of stuff for my work, and trying to get everything setup again for another tax season. Check out my new blog
Until then...

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Anonymous said...

YYYYYAAAAAYYYYY!!! david is surfing right nearly as i post this comment! hope everyone is as excited for him as me haha!!!
Hope u had an awesome time hun