Thursday, September 21, 2006

No I'm Not Dead...But it Feels Like it

Well... where do I begin. I have been working my second job and its just been driving me insane.(read the blog if you like, addy on the side) Im working a little over 40 hours a week with both jobs combined but the money is nice. Im trying to pay all my debt off and get my car ready for next summer's surf trip. I have decided to buy another car after I return next summer so the Rav4 is now my new hardcore adventure car.

Here's next summer rough guide trip plans, all laid out last early monday morning over some Miller High Life and a 20mph SE wind building the swell that I would be riding in a few hours. We have decided to drive straight through Mexico and down into Guatemala. We will surf there for a week or 2, then head through upper highlands into Belize. We will check out Belize and the reefs, hopefully coinciding with a hurricane or some sort of swell (I would love to be possibly one of the few who has surfed Belize). Then after a couple of days, maybe a week, we will drive back across into Mexico and follow the pacific coast for another 2 weeks or more. I know it sounds insane, but Im so excited about the prospects of this trip. What Im debating about now is one thing.

We had the idea to set up a website/blog and call it "Voyage of the Rav", and have everything about our trip, pictures, plus an on the road/off the road blog,some google ads, and paypal donate buttons. We are trying to drum up some extra cash to get the car some needed repairs (tranny rebuild, tuneup, roof racks, front brush guard). Well the problem is, I feel like Im selling myself out by doing these things. What do you guys thing? CMON, dont be shy, leave me a comment.

Moving on... That surf I had monday morning was NICEEEE!!! It was consistent waist+ to chest with some power. Only thing wrong was the hardcore current ripping down the beach. If you took 1 right out of the whirlpool that was forming at the end of the jetty, you were gone, sucked right into the flagship. The Flagship for those who dont know, is a huge Hotel on a huge pier out in the water. Surf usually lines up inside of it and there are some nice waves to be had. Luckily, this day the current would take you right next to it, and kinda die off. You still had to watch yourself, but it wasnt that bad. I got some good rides, especially some backsides. I have been trying to practice my backsides a lot lately, especially after ruining my time at that amazing Mexico left point break. I was amazed at my left drops that day. The waves breaking right at the jetty afforded more than 1 a nice headdip that day. Needless to say, they were walled up slammers with some decent speed for a windswell. I took more than 1 on the head, but I suprised even myself at my lack of hesitation when paddling into the peaks and taking a wave. My popup going left is still a little slow, and I paid for it, but Im working on it. Well will will have chest to overhead surf all weekend and Im super excited. I promise I will keep up more with this thing. See ya guys!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad u're surfing poop, I'm glad I talked to u 2day... and I'm glad u're working ur ass to get ur vacations, that means that when the time comes u will totally deserve 'em and they'll be more rewarding than they are in fact...
Luv ya, Kisses... Me =P