Saturday, July 01, 2006


Well we left Mita and went camping in the south with some other SD cali guys we met up with. The first place, which shall go unnamed, was a heaaaaaaavyyy beachbreak and I only rode 1 wave there. First day there we got the damn trucks stuck hardcore and I dug one out, but we had to send Comanchio to get us a tractor to get the fully loaded Tundra out. Great camping but the next day the security came and asked us to leave because surfing and beach access was fine during the day but camping overnight was not allowd because it was private propterty. We took off and headed to another spot, super secluded. Today was very very nice and heavy but it was a left and my backsides were not fast enough. I only rode 2 waves at this place. The cali guys were kinda cool but I was very intimidated in the water and basically I kooked out. They probably think I totally suck. Anyways...Im back in Mita and I have only 9 days left here. Im going to surf in Mita a few more days then head out for interior Mex as I start working my way back home. I feel like Im totally in a slump but I know I have progressed immensly here. Im already thinking of my next trip here and I will probably drive next time. Driving here is cake pretty much, accept for the night we drove to Sayulita and almost hit 5 horses doing 50mph. And then I drove back that night and almost hit a cow hahahhaa. The camping I have experienced the past few days was amazing and as soon as I return I will be posting pictures and possibly videos if I can. Well, Im off to find some more surf! ooooohhhh and Gracefully, there are some very good surfer girls here. The attitude in the water is not aggressive towards them either, not from locals or vacationers. In all, alot of the locals here rip. In sayulita I was watching a guy doing 180 shoveits, 2 on 1 wave! He did a few rodeo airs as well. Some really talented surfers here. See ya guys soon!


gracefullee said...

Thanks for the report on gender equality in Mexican waters! Hope you have a great last week.

Anonymous said...

Hey david! U're now in mexico great!
hahahaha lol.... hmmmmmmm got nothing else to tell u but good luck! and have fun in ur way back =)