Monday, July 24, 2006

Ok, I was wrong

Well I went through her logs again of the Voyage of the Swell and I found one that I guess I had missed of her travel through Guata and El Salvador and Nica. I can totally understand her reasons for continuing I guess. I really dont see why she skipped El Salvador but maybe those reasons are good to her. The only thing I guess I still am wondering and dont understand about her is why she is hauling so much ass? Your on a worldwide surf tour, sloooooooooooooooooow down. Maybe I dont have much room at all to talk her, but if I was to set out on such a huge journey, I would plan to take my sweet time about it. Deadlines only piss you off on a surf trip. Thats why I meandered my way around Mexico at my rate, with no final destinations in mind. Just like Alan Weisbecker said, you never leave when the surf is good. O well. My apologies to Liz and her crew but... seriously, slow down. Enjoy these areas. Scout every FUCKING piece of coast because you can never be sure you will have the chance to do this again. Just using google earth I have seen so many point/beach breaks in Mexico/Central America it is sickening. Using these marks with and other surf spot sites, a good deal of what I have seen just using google earth probably is not on the maps. I dont care you discover amazing spots and dont talk about them, just give us hints, like "scored an amazing unnamed break". Thats all I need to hear to know you are using that boat to its fullest potential. Please, once again, take your time. If you have major deadlines, then perhaps you should not have tried this trip, or perhaps thats the perils of being sponsored and having everyone pay for you to surf. You run on their schedule, not yours.

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Anonymous said...

SEEEEEE sumtimes you ARE wrong hehehehe
Have heaps and heaps of fun surfing tomorrow and forget about shit ya xx