Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boat Work and Thinking About Surf

Been thinking about all that surf Ive been missing lately while Ive been working on this boat. Heard the Pacific is still strangely quiet or so and Mexico hasnt been producing much except for known big spots. Bleh...

I really need to hurry and finish my work here and get this boat to Colombia so I can start working on my summer trip. Ive decided to take a big road trip through the Four Corners area and the pacific coasts of Oregon and Northern California if there is time (and money for the all the freaking gas).

Frankly, Im going stale again. Im drying out. I need to get moving.... do something... see somewhere new. Dammit.


creatures1 said...

hey there,

was reading a post you put on another guys blog a while back...

can you catch the public bus from Sayulita down to Palladium, to access La lancha and Burros???

Is Palladium the Hotel? Where do you get off?

Any help appreciated.


Anonymous said...

just checking in on you. Sending you warm wishes and hugs. Happy trails.