Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update... Never Gonna Finish!

Thats how Ive been feeling lately! Im not gonna finish the van in time!

Ive been rushing with projects but truthfully Im getting a little burned out. Right now is not the time to get this feeling but Im getting it nonetheless. I have a few major things to complete and then, well whatever. I need to finish up the electrical which is being worked on nightly. I just purchased my deep cycle and built a box for it and now I am choosing a location of said box and my fuse panel. I need to vent the box from the outside because my lead-acid battery puts off explosive hydrogen gas as it is charging (discharging?). Ugh! So much work to do!

The van still looks stripped inside, whatever... Im just gonna keep it basic. screw it. It feels a tad more comfortable with the carpet though...

this post is just an update. Ill write longer/better later.

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