Monday, February 22, 2010

A conversation between Ravs

This morning I pulled up to a stop light and noticed that the car next to me was the exact same model, a first gen Toyota RAV4. I had an amusing (psychotic?) moment imagining their conversation if they indeed had one.

My Rav: "Hey whats up? Your the same gen and model as me!"

Other Rav: "Yup, How cool! So Have you gone anywhere fun or just a car? Notice my mud???
My owner took me to the beach this weekend!"

My Rav: "Awesome! I love the beach. My owner used to take me all the time when he was surfing a lot. We still go traveling quite a bit but mostly on-road now."

Other Rav: "Ohh thats cool. Ive been to a bunch of states too. Have you been out of Texas?"

My Rav: "oooo yea. only a few other states but about 3 years ago my owner took me 7000 miles through Mexico and Guatemala... camping everywhere and going on some serious backroads to beach and forgotten places. We were gone 2.5 months and I still have my badge of honor, my Guatemalan Vehicle Import sticker!"

Other Rav: "Wow... I am impressed. Ive never been out of the country! In fact most of the other ravs Ive met haven't either."

Hahaha.. I know Im retarded but I wonder if my car is ever "proud" of her accomplishments... hell she should be. I took her through what most people wouldnt even ever consider doing AND she had 145K on the clock when we did it! Ravvy... Im gonna miss the hell out of you.

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