Saturday, September 05, 2009

Bandera, Texas

Wel i made it to bandera alive. sh16 was totally fucking crazy with twists and turns and super steep grades, I mean i wasin heaven. I saw signs in kerrville for trucks to take a different route and thats when i got pumped! I rode through Medina and on into bandera. I had plans to return to a ranch outside kerrville tha i stopped at along the way. There is a folk/hippy fest going on and i wanted to check that out but as i wasgetting back on the road the rain set in. SH16 is no road to ride in the rain so i headedback into bandera and found a campsite along the river in the town park. This is where im staying tonight and i later i think ill walk up the street and check out the bars. Earlier it rained here and i took refuge under a tree and i dunno, maybe the sound of the rain but all of a sudden i got super tired. So i leaned across my tank bag and passedout for an hour!

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