Saturday, July 11, 2009

In Bryan for my little brothers bday

Thats my little bro William in the pic. He has been up here for a month with my dad but he leaves tomorrow for mississippi to go back home to his moms. We are all headed out for pizza, video games laser tag. He's pretty excited! He doesnt know just yet that i got him a game for his xbox 360 that he has been wanting. Should be a fun time!

In other news... Ive been reworking the numbers and finances for the trip and its looking good. I might have an extra 7k or so that i miscalculated. I was basing my mileage wrong so ive been taking the numbers off of a few websites and i dont think i will drive near 65k miles. Im thinking more like 20k now, which as u can imagine is saving a ton in gas. We shall see :)

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