Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Getn down and personal with Dave Rich

Well, my elemenrary friend (in her mind) kelli said i should get more personal like i used to with my bogging. I do agree because day after day it just seems like im blogging the monotony of my days. I mean, working the 8-6 makes it a little hard to get in crazy adventures even for yours truely. So here goes, a basic recap of last week (i think).

It all started with my new obsession of riding my bicycle to the bar. This bar is around 6 miles from my home in each direction. I started riding because my DL is expired and its also a great workout. So one night i was getting thoroughly hammered and things got outa hand. They serve big ass beers (a 24oz) beer at this bar on thursday nights and well, i was just keeping track of glasses. Somewhere around glass 5, i decide its shot time. After a shot of patron, it dawns on me that he girl sitting next to me is cute. In fact, i really just wanted to taste her lips. Being the shy guy that i am, i leave over to kelli after said girl goes to the bathroom and proceed to inform my supposed friend just what i want to do to her lips andhow bad. Kelli decided to announce this to the rest of the table right as the victom came walking up. I got up like fucking flash gordon and headed for the bathroom and hid. I decided to come bak and face the music and thats when the girl, who by now wasfilled with whatever in the world kelli was tellingher, decided to grab me for a makeout session.

Anyways, i got pulled over that night on the way home with my bike but the cop sped off after he couldnt find me (sitting right where he told me to wait) so i guess i got away lol. There is another story of drunken bandit makerouter and bike riding but ill save that for another time.

So what do you think readers, more personal? I hear crickets.....

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Anonymous said...

yay! i like it! much better!!! this is stuff everyone can relate to. and my mental state is on a doctorate level. just an fyi.