Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Crazyness is About to Begin!

Well, we are nearing our launch date to completely redo our Finance dept and move them to an entirely new software set. The training starts next week on monday and we just have a crazy mess of upgrades facing us. We have to roll them,and update our Utility Billing depts system as well and roll them to a new SQL server and away from a flatfile database. FUN!

Im also going back and forth about whether or not Im going to switch out my standing rigging on my boat. Basically, it could use it, but 700 is a lot of money to throw at it when it isnt really broken. The problem is that I cant really wait until its broken, because if something on the standing rigging fails under sail, there is a very good chance the mast will come down and not the way it was intended. Bleh! I have been going back and forth about this and well, I dont know. The date for the haul out is getting closer and closer and my list of projects is getting bigger and bigger and well, its going to suck basically. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Not exactly the fun part of owning a boat but it has to be done!!!

Im looking forward to a long weekend and sailing my ass off. Its going to be a blast. We are forecasted to have 70F weather all weekend with nice 9-14mph south winds. Perfect sailing weather!!!!!!!!!! Now... If I can figure out a way to make all those damn powerboats stay at home and stop chopping everything up and in general, being stupid.

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aWe said...

Cool site - great information and I even found myself wishing I knew more about sailing. I'm more of a canoe person. But what I want to see a blog on is what in the world is an "alternate form of living".

What in the heck is that about?